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I’ve never fucked a fan before

I’ve never fucked a fan before

I’ve never fucked a fan before. Sexy Blondie Fesser went jogging through the neighborhood when a neighbor saw her neighborhood and began to follow and record it! She thought she finally lost the guy, but it actually went all the way back to your apartment! When he was finally discovered, he was sniffing her panties and Blondie threatened to call the police! He claimed to be her biggest fan and just wanted an autograph but Blondie had another idea. Since coming to end enter her house she was willing to give her what she really came – that sweet pussy Latina! Blondie took his swollen cock in her mouth and massaged his tongue before sliding into her wet, waiting pussy. This lucky fan definitely got more than I expected and Blondie fucked around her living room before finally busting his cum in her mouth! A fantasy come true!

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