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My personal secretary masturbates at the restroom

My personal secretary masturbates at the restroom

My personal secretary masturbates at the restroom. All women have our gynecologist (I think we all want to be his personal secretary), who always serves us, review us, take exams and gives us advice. Also had mine, I had it since childhood, my mom took me for the first time and from there it is my gynecologist.
I never had any problem with it, in fact I loved going to see, the routine was always the same; I came, made me questions about my sex life, I looked into his eyes, then asked me to sit on his bed, he was going and I undressed (it was always very helpful), I watched whole to see if it was something strange , looked at my breasts for a long moment and then approached me and touched, massaged for several minutes, then with his fingertips touched my nipples to see if they were in good condition, I threw them and pressed for a while . When that ended me to lie down and spread my legs, also for a long time looked at me and was very close, to see up close if he had something strange was saying the fact one day his nose touched my clit, obviously I apologized and I understood that he must spend a lot of better or for worse it was a totally professional man. Its deep inside my fingers and moved them for a long time, when I could not feel good gloves were pulled out to touch the texture inside, of course, gloves are not going to be able to know if everything was in order. After about ten minutes so the ending, made me get dressed and go to the bathroom. When I left I had to go to the restroom, and as a secretary cualquierta I had to masturbate with the vibrator I carried in my purse.


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